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Women's Designer Clothing Trends for 2011

Women and fashion are two words that are hard to separate, regardless of how much a person tries. This means that whenever something new happens in the fashion industry, most women get to know about it immediately. The reason why women are so into fashion is that it makes them look beautiful and attractive, which is something that gives them self confidence. Resultantly, not only do women know of all the prevalent trends and fads but are always on the lookout for updates. If you are looking to stay up to date with the ongoing designer clothing fashion trends for 2011, then the following would be very helpful for you.

1. Stripes:

Stripes, as per reports, is going to be huge this 2011 season. It has been pinpointed on the ramp as well as on celebrities and virtually every designer has some rendition of stripes in his fashion line. Despite what you may be thinking, stripes offer a lot more variation than a majority of designs. For example, the two most basic avatars of stripes are the skinny and the geometric, both of which will add to any kind of look in question. Effectively, you can even say that skinny stripes and geometric stripes can be used with the majority of looks. These are usually combined with navy and nautical colors, even though you can experiment with brighter and bolder colors. The real clincher, of course, is that stripes are not only appropriate for any piece of clothing but also for all types of occasions. Clothing with stripes would belong in a soiree or your uptight office. One word of caution, however, is that you have to be very careful of your body shape. If you are on the healthy side then you need vertical stripes and if you are too skinny then horizontal stripes would be better and never vice versa.

2. Lace:

As you most probably already know, lace was a major fashion designer clothing trend in 2010. The trend is set to continue and even grow, if some experts were to be believed. Lace, although a little risky, if worn right can make you look both trendy and sensual at the same time. The trick is to wear the lace right. The current trend is not only limited to white and is instead including other bold and daring colors.

3. Ballet:

The ballet trend is a direct derivation of the success of the movie Black Swan. The movie had such an effect on the fashion trends that designers all over the world started including ballet related items such as ballet flats and leg warmers. You should also take note of the fact that lace and ballet can really go well together if used in the right conjunction.

4. White:

It is also worth noting that white is the color of this season. All designers are focusing on this color because of its ability to gel so well with ballet, lace and even stripes trends.

If you notice the top points carefully, you will see a certain symmetry and interdependence between all of them.