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What You Need When Purchasing Equestrian Clothing

Are you searching for quality equestrian clothing? Why not investigate the latest styles and colours available at retail and online sites? You will find a competition-level line of fine clothing at very attractive prices.

What do you need in equestrian clothes? First you will want to examine stylish men's and women's show jackets and show shirts. There is also a wide variety of chaps and gaiters in a huge selection of styles and colours. No this kind of clothing is complete without yard jackets, polo and rugby shirts for those days in the barns. Equestrian equipment should also include jodhpurs and riding breeches. You might also want to consider a pair of horse riding trousers.

Next for your consideration is riding boots. You can choose from Jodhpur boots or sleek long shiny riding boots. You'll also want equestrian yard boots to complete your equestrian clothing. No it is complete without a riding helmet for safety and style. If you plan to take part in dressage or hunt show events or riding competitions, you'll want to have the right clothing for those events.

If you are already overwhelmed with decisions about what to buy, why not consider a first basic outfit? I suggest a pair of light grey or beige or off-white riding breeches. You can team these up with long, skinny, shiny, black riding boots. Next consider a tailored riding jacket in a dark color that will co-ordinate with riding shirts in a variety of popular and flattering colors. A black, dark grey, dark brown or slate riding jacket will not clash with this season's in colors for riding shirts. Are you feeling less anxious? Start with the basics and add as you require additional equestrian clothing.

Another essential is surely the riding helmet. May I suggest a black or charcoal helmet? Most riders-regardless of gender or age-choose a dark helmet.

If you are a female rider, you'll want to add a rat catcher and choker, or perhaps a simple stock tie to your wardrobe. Guys will want a button-down shirt and a stock tie.

Simple dark riding gloves are also a good equestrian clothing purchase.

There are lots and lot of other equestrian clothing choices you will need to make down the road, should you get involved in competitions on a regular basis. However, a few riding shirts, a couple of pairs of riding breeches, a pair of good, well-fitting long riding boots and a stylish, well-made, comfortable, dark riding jacket are good basic equestrian clothing. If you add a helmet, riding gloves and a stock tie you are ready for your first venture into the equestrian world. Add riding accessories as you discover they will be useful.

The most important consideration is that your equestrian clothing not be constricting or impede your ability to control your horse.