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Wear Your Pantyhose and Prevent it From Sliding

Are you one of those people who dislike pantyhose but do not have a choice but to wear them due to your professions demand? Or are you one of the fans of women pantyhose but yet troubled about the fact that it keep sliding down your leg and appears unglamorous?

It can be rather irritating to readjust the pantyhose throughout the day, just imagine how embarrassing it is to have your pantyhose ride down your legs while walking! It will create an elephant knee look which every woman will despise, however, it is essential for you to wear them during the cold winter months! So it is important that you find out how you can keep them from riding down with the useful tips below!

First, choose a pantyhose with the right size. You should know that there are different sizes for you to choose from, do not believe that one size can fit all. And every different brand has their own unique sizing system, therefore, it is encouraged that you only buy 1 pair of pantyhose to try it own, and test out the comfort level, and how fitting it is for your body shape and size. If it is good, you can swear to the brand and buy stockings of different colors and designs.

And it is important that you wash your pantyhose regularly as frequent washing helps the fibers of the fabrics to return to their original shape. It is better to hand wash the pantyhose rather than putting them into the washing machine, as the machine might be too strong and cause the pantyhose to get out of shape.