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Ideas and Tips for 1970s Fancy Dress

Whether dressing up for Halloween or a themed party, finding the right costume can be the key to whether you have a great time, or spend the whole night in the kitchen making small talk with the host's cat. Picking a costume from an iconic era like the 1970s can be an ideal solution for those who have difficulty deciding what to wear.

Feel Free To Take Liberties with Your 70s Fancy Dress

A good costume is less about getting every little detail right and more about evoking an atmosphere and an idea. Nobody is going to mind if you wear boots that originally came out in 1969 or if the style of your coat was not manufactured until the early 80s. As long as the overall feel is of the 70s, your costume will be easily identifiable. You might even want to take liberties with the idea and go as a caricature of the 70s, using every element of the time to make a completely over the top outfit.

Get into Character.

Whether you are dressed up as a 1970s hippy, a dancer with disco fever, Shaft, a glam rock star or a stylin' pimp, the impact you and your costume make will be enhanced if you play a part. Whether that means strutting your best disco moves on the dance floor or talking about free love and ending every sentence with "man", you can immerse yourself in your costume.

Pay Homage to A Favourite Star

David Bowie, Shaft, John Lennon, the BeeGees and John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever are just a few of the iconic personalities and characters of the 70s. Best of all, they all have culturally recognised outfits and styles. By modelling your 70s fancy dress on one of these you have an immediate guide to your outfit. Your costume will be instantly recognisable and a huge hit.

Search Out Costume Elements

If you lived through the 70s, you may already have the perfect costume squirreled away at the back of a wardrobe. If you are somewhat younger, ask your parents and extended family if they have any old flares or silk shirts from their youth. Thrift stores are also a great place to find cheap, vintage wear from the 70s.

Go For An Off The Rack Costume

70s fancy dress is hugely popular and many pre-made costumes can be easily found both online and in brick and mortar stores. They can often be much cheaper than vintage shopping and can save you huge amounts of time in finding the perfect costume. You don't have to sacrifice your uniqueness; off the rack costumes can be accessorized with other finds so as to make your costume one of a kind.

Get A Group Together

If there's anything better than one 70s costume it's a whole group of them. You can arrange with your friends that you will all dress up in 1970s outfits and even organise a choreographed disco routine or a mock hippy sit in.