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Dior Releases New Products

Dior will promote a series of new style of lady bags in every season. In 2011, Dior has been made a new series of bags that suitable to the earlier spring. The new bags have long leather hand pulls that can be carried by your hand and carried on your shoulder. Besides, they are added some bright elements, such as pearl, rivets and rose. These all reflect the spring color that will make you in a delighted mood.

The styles include the latest Lady Dior - Lady Grey London that is last film in fashion short films, which are specially made to Dior.

In the series short film, Dior bags are showed many times. And the exquisite bag makes the heroine more attractive. The bag and the woman both become the core of the short film. And beautiful bags make it to be a fashion.

You can find that Dior bag is still carried by the heroine in dangerous situation. The short film would like to tell you that the fashion trend cannot be obstructed and it has become an essentiality.

The new bags are decorated with many tiny rivets. And they even consist of flowers pictures. The bags' belts are designed broad so that makes you easily carry and relieve your shoulders. The Dior logo is also a decoration for new bags.

This style still follows the broad belt. And it adopts the bright pearls to decorate bag. There is lug boss and subside on the face of bag so that make the bag look like dynamic in vision.

At the first sight, this bag gives a sense of brightness so that make your mind open and refresh your mood. The style is in a shape of square that is suitable to carry when you go to office, even if it is too bright.