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Summer Perfumes in 2010

Every summer many perfume houses perform special lightweight versions of the popular perfumes. Bright, tender, sensual, stunning and luxurious, very feminine - you will find whatever you want.

Is there any difference between summer perfumes and the perfume which are issued within the year?

It is difficult to answer this question. For summer light and fresh aromas are perfect. Fashion houses present to us perfumes that are ideal for use in hot weather. Some new fragrances do not contain alcohol, so they are safe to use even on the beach. Relaxing shades of fragrant and citron compositions are an ideal choice for summer heat. Water notes also leave pleasant impression.

The summer is reflected even on bottles design - all of them are an embodiment of summer smells. One brands offer colourful fruit cocktails, others prefer more gentle tones associating with the sea and a coastal breeze. Set of white air bottles promise aura of freshness, and pink - romanticism and glamour atmosphere.

So we made some little review of woman Top 10 Summer Perfumes to find and show trends in industry for this summer.

Every year Calvin Klein presents summer CK One Summer - an aromatic variation of invincible CK One, and Donna Karan offers new small "apples" with gentle aromas of red and green apples.

Also for many and many years aromas of series "Green Tea from Elizabeth Arden" are best sellers. In the last release composition also got lavender notes ("Green Tea Lavender").

The new Incanto Bloom has a fresh floral arrangement with a bright beginning, lovely sensual heart and soft tender train.

"Love by Nina", Nina Ricci, is a really summer aroma, full of love and pleasure. It teases, delights, it is gorgeous, breathtaking and admirable.

If you like citron and fresh flower notes try aromas from L'Occitane - composition is made of c cherry flowers, lemon vervain, peach, myrtle and with tea shades.

Perfume Elle Edition Collector, Yves Saint Lauren, is a sunny and carefree song. It conjures up memories of summer vacations and the bright warm sunshine.

It is not difficult to choose summer fragrance. Those who are in constant search of new aromas, have the list of the criteria based on a private experience and style. Certainly, popular aromas should set a direction, but at a choice of concrete perfume experiments are recommended. Your skin and a nose will show that approaches you.

If you love colognes you can choose one of them also. Their freshness and pure aromas are ideal partners in hot summer days.

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